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Cura comes with state-of-the-art world class facilities and is a multispecialty hospital situated in the heart of Kanakapura Road and Kammanahalli Bangalore. We at Cura are making the best of the exceptionally talented specialists and the latest equipment to provide you the best of medical facilities to ensure best health for you.

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Why We Choose Cura Hospitals

State-of-the-art technology and world-class expertise with the constant support of an extremely friendly administrative and supportive staff, the expert physicians who have degrees from abroad and best universities of India, we strive to give nothing short of best healthcare facilities. We have all kinds of latest technologies and well equipped Orthopedic surgery equipment in terms of recovery areas, operating theaters, and post therapy centers. Our labs are well equipped with top class image intensifiers, top of the line arthroscopy system, computer navigation system, and operating microscope.

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    Good service. My father was admitted for breathing issues and he was taken care well there. All the doctors and the staff were courteous and friendly. Highly qualified consultant doctors helped to diagnose and treat effectively. Clean and tidy private wards at affordable price. Thank you and keep up the good work 😊

    Sree Raman

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    I was admitted in Cura for diarrhea for 2 days. I must say they have a wonderful staff, doctors are so good, nursing staff is excellent and so is the housekeeping staff. I was attended and taken care of very nicely. Lakshmi the housekeeping staff took personal care of me and the head of the Housekeeping staff is very courteous and helpful.

    Gita Choprra

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    Very caring, patient friendly and services are rendered without any apprehension. They understand the pain and sufferings. Murgesh, Ravi, to name a few are very soft spoken and dedicated. The ambulance service was also quick and timely.

    Sneha Shenoy

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    Very approachable staff and nurse. Treated very well with care. Nurse Kavya was very kind and gentle. Sister Nadini and Pramila took good care. Supervisor Murugesh,Bharath and Housekeeping staff Lakshmi took special interest in room cleaning ,maintaining washroom hygiene.overall process was very smooth.

    Madanica S Mohan

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