Skin and Cosmetic

Skin care is the range of practices supporting the integrity of skin, better appearance and better skin conditions. The domain could include nutrition, staying away from sun and using emollients appropriately. Practices enhancing the appearance include using cosmetics, exfoliation, botulinum, microdermabrasion, filters, peels, laser resurfacing, retinol therapy, and ultrasonic treatment of the skin. Skin care is actually a routine procedure within several settings, like skin that’s too dry or too moist, and dermatitis and skin injuries prevention.

Skin care is in part a treatment of radiation therapy, some medications and wound healing. The department of skin care is at the cross sections of dermatology, cosmetics, and traditional discipline of medicine, certain overlaps are there with each of the topics. Skin care is different from dermatology, as practiced traditionally, by the additional however, less scope in medicine and by including non-physical doctors, like the estheticians and the nursing care that provide wound care. Skin care brings in individual behavior modification and about working and environmental conditions. However, dermatology co-works with certain aspects of care for the skin, mainly in the USA, and to a less extent the UK.

Skin and Cosmetic

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There are certain guidelines for the skin care in neonatal developed. Nevertheless the pediatric and the dermatologic communities have not found a common ground on the best of practices of cleansing, as good scientific evidence is rare. Immersing in water has been considered better than washing alone, along with the use of synthetic detergents is considered superior to using water only.

There are a few aspects of skin care. Protection from Sun is essential even though Sun is beneficial for the body as it gives a good dose of vitamin D. However, excessive use of sunlight can be damaging to the skin. Ultraviolet radiation from the Sun’s ray can give sunburns in different degrees, causing early ageing and higher risk of getting skin cancer. UV exposure may cause patches of skin tone that goes uneven and skin that dries out.

There are other skin conditions like ageing of the skin and acne. There are injuries to skin which damages the underlying tissue because of continuous skin pressure, also called pressure sore. In case of skin condition like stoma, doctors suggest plain water should be used to pat gently around the stoma. Then there is nutrition issue that causes skin conditions and exposure to radiation that induces skin radiation. Skin care and its procedures bring in exfoliation, botulonium, laser medicine in the process of cosmetic resurfacing, removing unwanted hair, vitiligo, removing tattoo, photodynamic therapy, retinol therapy, peels, and microdermabrasion.

Skin and Cosmetic

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