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Cura Orthopedic Clinic offers a full range of musculoskeletal and orthopedics services for the patients in Bangalore and its surrounding locations. We provide non-surgical and surgical treatments for sports injuries as well as a wide range of muscle, bone and joint problems. Our aim is to restore your health so that you can get back to your regular activities. We offer individualized treatment plans tailored to the unique needs of each patient and our staff is dedicated to providing outstanding support and assistance.

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Injuries and disorders of the musculoskeletal system are referred to as orthopedic conditions. Bones, muscles, joints, nerves, tendons, ligaments, and other connective tissues make up this body system. Chronic orthopedic disorders or injuries can cause damage to any of these tissues or structures.

  • Low Back pain

    Low Back pain

    It happens during intense lifting or sports causing difficulty walking or standing straight.

  • Elbow pain

    Elbow pain

    The pain occurs in lateral part of elbow while stretching or extending arm fully.

  • Ankle & foot pain

    Ankle & foot pain

    Ankle pain may be sharp, shooting pain or dull ache, depending on the cause.

  • Hand & finger pain

    Hand & finger pain

    Arthritis results in inflammation, stiffness, discomfort, and swelling in the hands and fingers.

  • Hip pain

    Hip pain

    Hip pain is any discomfort within the area close to the joint of your hip.

  • Knee pain

    Knee pain

    It causes continuous, periodic, or irregular pain in the knees feeling tight & locked up.

  • Shoulder Pain

    Shoulder Pain

    Sharp pain in the shoulder blade or a dull ache in your shoulder.

  • Neck pain

    Neck pain

    The pain in the neck is usually aggravated when you twist, move, or stretch your neck.

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Our Core Specialities

  • Knee Replacement Surgery

    Knee Replacement Surgery

    It replaces knee joint with artificial components. Having serious knee damage makes daily activities difficult and needs a knee replacement.

  • Hip Replacement Surgery

    Hip Replacement Surgery

    The procedure involves removing components of hip joints that cause issues and replacing them with ceramic, plastic, or metal components.

  • Shoulder Surgery

    Shoulder Surgery

    Eliminates damaged areas in bone and replaces them with components composed of plastic and metal. The procedure referred as shoulder arthroplasty.

  • Spine Surgery

    Spine Surgery

    These involve a small cut in lower back. The surgeon is able to locate and eliminate the discomfort herniated disc.

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Cura comes with state-of-the-art world class facilities and is multispecialty hospital situated in the heart of Kanakapura Road, Bangalore. We at Cura are making the best of the exceptionally talented specialists and the latest equipment to provide you the best of medical facilities to ensure best health for you.

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Technologies we use

  • Medical Technology

    Medical Technology

    When it comes to treating your problems, our surgeons use the most cutting-edge technology. Arthroscopy (knee, hip, and shoulder), Joint replacement, foot and ankle surgery, and sports medicine are among their specialties. We use the latest technologies and medical equipment into patient care, which helps doctors identify illnesses and treat patients effectively and effectively.

  • Digital Radiography System

    Digital Radiography System

    We use a digital radiography system as one of our diagnostic tools. Digital x-rays or digital radiography, utilizes a special imaging detector to detect the body's anatomy and produce an image digitally. They produce less radiation than older x-ray machines and are more safe for the patient.

  • Physical Therapy Technology

    Physical Therapy Technology

    Our physical therapy department is a part of our technology approach and also uses the latest techniques in rehabilitation, such as Graston Active-Release Therapy, Iontophoresis, H-waves and electrophoresis. Working side-by-side with us they are familiar with all the cutting-edge surgical procedures and are experts in the recovery process.

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    Had an ankle issue last week. The whole process including diagnosis and consultation went very smooth. Hospital has a very friendly staff and they are ready to help you anytime.

    Mr. Venkatesh

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    We were recently required to contact Cura hospitals for my dad. He's 62 and fell and fractured the bone in his hip. When we first consulted Cura doctors, it was an amazing experience. Now he walks as usual and do normal day-to-day activities in house.

    Mrs. Madhu

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    My daughter's fears about her knee injury were eased thanks to Dr. Vijaychandar. He gave wonderful guidance to my daughter, providing excellent care . I would really suggest Cura hospitals.

    Mrs. Namrata


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Questions in your Mind

  • How long will I be unable to work after the surgery?

    The period of time it takes to heal after surgery depends on the procedure. It is generally suggested that patients take two weeks off work to recover from any operation and then return to light duties. For a good recovery, your surgeon will give you specific guidelines to follow.

  • Will I need physical therapy after my surgery?

    After surgery, regaining complete range of motion, strength, and flexibility takes time. That's where pre-operative exercise, education, and post-operative physical therapy programmers come in to make sure you're physically and mentally ready for surgery, as well as to help you recover as quickly as possible.

  • What can happen if you don't have surgery?

    Pain, loss of joint motion, joint weakening, numbness, and an early start of arthritis are some of the consequences of not having orthopedic surgery for your illness.

  • Which are the top frequent injuries?

    The most frequent orthopedic injuries are strains and sprains as well as fractures and dislocations. The injuries can occur while playing outdoor or indoor sports or when exercising. Sports injuries can be caused by accidents, improper training, incorrect use of protective equipment, or inadequate stretching and warm-up exercises.

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