Spine Surgery

Spine surgery is minimally invasive and needs minimal severe surgery procedures. In earlier days, spine surgery would be open style for some relatively small disc issues where 55 to 6 inch of incision would be done and a month’s hospitalization. Spinal surgery techniques use more of latest technology, latest imaging techniques, medical equipments that are of latest technology to reduce trauma in tissue, bleeding, exposure to radiation, risk of infection, and reduced stay in hospitals all through minimising the incision size. Modern techniques of endoscopy can be done by opening the skin to 2 to 5 mm. On the other hand, when procedures are done by microscope, you often require skin openings that’s approximately 1 inch or a little more.

Spinal surgery can be used in treating a number of spinal diseases like disc diseases that’s degenerative, disc herniation, tumours, fractures, infections, deformity, and instability. It also enables seamless spine surgery for those who thought spine surgery was too risky the traditional way owing to previous medical complexities.

Methods used in Spine Surgery

The traditional method of spine surgery needed surgeons creating 5-6 inches of incision around the affected spine area to pull back the muscle and spine with the use of retractors to reveal the affected bone. The would takes long time in healing, the aim with invasive surgery is to reduce all the traumas in the tissue and risk of getting the area infection by making the incision size minimum.

Some of the spine injuries are performed by specialized neurosurgeons or orthopaedic surgeons and a team of trained medical experts. Usual practice is to begin the operation by administering a kind of anesthesia that numbs the part of the body that needs surgery along with sedation or to simply administer general anesthesia that helps painless surgery and enables the patient to sleep through the entire surgery. The follow up is surgeon taking continuous X-ray images, through a process termed as fluoroscopy, of the areas that are sore or affected. This helps the surgeons understand what they are operating on, through the surgery without creation of large incisions.

After a clear picture of the injured spine is available, the surgeon begins performing the surgery, using a device called obturator so that the underlying tissue can be pushed apart. This obturator is inserted inside a fine tube, the tube is then left behind after removing the obturator, such that a channel down to the spine is left. Small operating tools along with cameras with a light are used using this tube.

The surgeon then makes some essential repairs to the spinal area, like extracting affected disc out with the help of tubular retractor and then inserting medical devices, like intervertebral spacers, facet screws, pedicle screws, rods, artificial discs, and nucleus replacement equipment, etc. using the retractor.

Surgery that is done using robots is another common procedure used in spine surgeries. When the procedure is finished, the tube gets removed, the wound is stitched, stapled, or shut with a glue.

Reasons behind spine injury

Body mechanics that are improper, aging, structural abnormalities and trauma are some issues that could injure your spine, causing back pain and many other symptoms like numbness in the legs, leg pain and weakness in your legs.

Cura Hospital’s spine injury team

At Cura Multispeciality Hospital, our spine surgeons take care of the patient’s medical records in details. We have the latest techniques of minimally invasive spine surgery and our surgeons are trained from some of the best universities of India and abroad. They have long years of experience in curing mild to severe spine injuries and also provide post operative consultations. We take utmost care of our patients and are very careful about how we treat our patients. The medical team that works with spine surgeons are equally well trained to cure the patient and administer medication accordingly as per the prescriptions given by the doctor.

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