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Posted June 13th,2022 by Cura Hospitals

Teamwork does wonders in life as it can solve problems, force change and provide better quality. This also holds true in case of medical practices. Private medicinal practices that have multiple specialties of physicians working together to benefit patients provide a powerfully effective means towards delivering high quality healthcare.

Not only there are benefits of being a part and parcel of multispecialty hospitals, like the doctors at Cura Hospital, it also offers benefits that patients can’t find at a traditional or single-specialty hospital. Some of the numerous benefits are:

One-stop-shop for all your healthcare requirements:

A multi-specialty hospital offers high-quality, comprehensive medical care, all within one single unit. The combination of internal medicine and family medicine facilities may have care of asthma and allergy, general surgery, gastroenterology, audiology, orthopedics, neurology, gynecology, ENT, endocrinology, physical therapy, pulmonology, urology, podiatry, vascular surgery, dermatology, cardiology, etc.

Better access to high-end medical technology:

Multispecialty hospitals have highly advanced equipment like digital imaging technologies of MRI, mammography, ultrasound, and much more. The right kinds of tools ensure quicker diagnosis with better treatment.

Provides ability to create appointments and collaborate with the doctors more easily:

Patients in multispecialty hospitals are given easy and fast access to the doctors. At Cura Hospital, there is a streamlined facility where doctors can be accessed easily booking online or even at the center. The familiarity helps patients to build better relationships with the doctors and makes the patient be at ease even when they are undergoing critical treatments.

Better convenience and higher choice:

Patients can choose their primary care doctors they find comfortable from a wide variety of highly trained physicians. Also, as there are a number of physicians in a multispecialty unit, patients don’t have to wait in case one physician is on leave or off duty. The convenience of the patients is many-folds in case of a multispecialty hospital.

Higher attentive service:

Having numerous doctors associated in providing easier access to cure and prevention in case the primary physician is not there makes a multispecialty better place to be in. This would include 24/7 availability of a doctor on call.

Highly personalized treatments and collaborative care:

Multidisciplinary teams of doctors are better equipped at focusing on an individual patient, giving them guidance from diagnosis to the process of treatment to speedy recovery. Physician consultations help group members to share their important patient info, ensuring every patient remains on the same page for proper health.

To Conclude:

In the traditional model of hospitals, providers and payers both exist in disjointed and fragmented siloes. In case the healthcare, both physicians and the hospitals need to work together, however, that’s a rare scenario. The moderately frightening and inefficient condition is owing to misalignments in incentives, key stakeholders refusing to collaborate, and irregular and abrupt spending activities. At Cura Hospital, the streamlined administrative practices and the community behavior between the physicians is what takes the patient through a seamless treatment and consultation. The entire landscape of the medical fraternity is changing because of the inception of multispecialty hospitals and this facility has helped the patients highly.

The multispecialty hospital has at last managed to provide a soothing atmosphere for all and the patients are now relaxed. This helps them get proper and adequate cure at all times. The adage “together we stand and separated we fall” stands validated with the advent of multispecialty hospitals providing superlative cure to the patients.

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