The Most Common Diseases of Childhood

Posted June 13th,2022 by Cura Hospitals

Childhood though is considered to be the best part of human life the children are not free from illness and diseases. In fact, they are most vulnerable to fall sick in the initial years when their immunity is not developed fully. The parents cannot prevent their kids from being sick. As soon as they step out of the comfort zone of their houses and come in contact with other children and adults they fall sick. The diseases transported from the other children they meet in schools, Montessori houses and day care centres. The children are most susceptible to catch cold and cough and common flu from others including adults. The other common childhood diseases are:

  1. Chickenpox (varicella)
  2. Whooping cough (pertussis)
  3. Measles, Mumps, Rubella
  4. Rotavirus
  5. Tetanus
  6. Influenza
  7. Hepatitis B

Some common childhood diseases are either caused by airborne virus or spread through direct contact with the infected person. In schools or day care centres when a child comes in close proximity with another child suffering from cold or cough he/she may get infected. Else when a child sneezes or coughs, the germs may spread through air. Again when a child touches the objects like books, copies and toys touched by other children, the germs may get transmitted.

The primary way to keep these infectious diseases at bay is to teach the children about hygiene. They should be trained to wash their hands, not to put hands into mouth every now and then.

Treatment for Common Childhood Diseases

There are specific treatments for the common childhood diseases. One of the most important treatment procedures is vaccination. To protect the children from the common childhood diseases, the vaccination starts from the birth. They are given BCG doses, polio vaccine, MMR Vaccine etc. The paediatricians prepare specific vaccination chart for the children following the Government specified immunisation programme. It is the duty of the parents to take their kids to the doctors to get them vaccinated on time.

Common Childhood Diseases Treatment at CURA, Bangalore

CURA being one of the best hospitals in Bangalore has a very strong Paediatric Department to treat all kinds of common childhood diseases. Our specialist doctors are very proficient in inoculating and vaccinating the children. With much care and love they inject the children without letting them feel any pain. The Paediatric Department at CURA, one of the best hospitals in Bangalore has all the facilities and arrangements for treating and vaccinating the children. To wean away the fear and stiffness of the children, the doctors play with them or give them different toys to play with. In this department, the children feel absolutely safe and happy. After vaccination some children show mild symptoms of fever. The parents are well advised and guided how to deal with such situation. In case of any difficulty, our doctors are available for online or tele consultation. If the condition worsens, the children can be admitted in the hospital to receive the best possible treatment.

About CURA

Following a wonderful track record, CURA one of the best hospitals in Bangalore has been offering its super speciality services to the children, youth and adults in and around the city over a decade. For availing the best treatment for common childhood diseases, the parents of the children can contact our outpatient department or make prior appointment over phone. CURA outpatient department is open on all days except Sunday. We are always adhered by the strict sanitization protocol and other safety measures to ensure good health to all our patients.

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