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General Surgery

The field of general surgery is one surgical specialty where the physicians focus on abdominal regions like small intestine, stomach, esophagus, large intestine, appendix, gallbladder, liver, bile ducts, pancreas, and most of the time the thyroid gland is also included. These surgeons also deal with diseases like skin, soft tissues, breast, trauma, hernias, peripheral artery diseases along with endoscopic procedures like colonoscopy and gastroscopy.

There are several scopes for general surgeons as they can sub-specialize in several of the following disciplines:

Several Scopes for General Surgeons

Trauma Surgery

The complete responsibility with a trauma care surgeon is to deal with almost all kinds of critical emergency surgery. Some of the surgeons receive advanced training in critical surgery and specialty surgical surgery. General surgeons are trained in such a manner that they can do emergency surgery. Bleeding, bowel syndromes, organ perforations, and infections are the key problems they tackle. One of the most common surgical procedures conducted worldwide is removal of gall bladder through surgery. This is mostly done electively, however, if the gall bladder is acutely inflamed, it may require emergency surgery. Infections along with appendix rupture and small bowel obstructions are some of the common obstructions.

Surgery through laparoscopy

This is new specialty in surgery that deals with minimal techniques of access using small instruments and a camera inserted through 3 to approximately 15mm incisions. A new form of surgery using robotics is now evolving. Using the robotic technique gallbladders, appendices and malfunctioning colons can also be removed. General surgeons also remove hernias using laparoscopy. Bariatric surgery can also be done laparoscopically and this surgery reduces wound complications in patients with obesity. General physicians at Cura Multispecialty Hospital are trained in advanced laparoscopic surgery.

There are several other kinds of general surgery a physician gets the scope to work on. In Cura Multispecialty Hospital the general physicians have been trained in diagnosing, preoperative, operative, followed by post operative managing of the patients. These surgeons have full knowledge of anatomy, intensive and emergency care, metabolism, wound healing, resuscitation, shock, physiology, pathology, nutrition, and immunology.

The general surgeon gets training to provide surgery and medications for the whole patient. This would involve making diagnosis, pre surgical, surgical, and post surgical managing of he patients along with surgical treatment procedure of:

  1. Alimentary tract
  2. Abdomen, pelvis and the constituents inside
  3. Soft tissues, breast and skin
  4. And the endocrine system

Profile of the general surgeon

General surgery is a varied specialty and the general surgeon is involved in activities like ding surgeries, giving consultations, working in the emergency department and also ICU. General surgery requires the surgeon to be expert in communication and collaborating with the medical staff, research and teaching, continuing with the professional development and continuing with professional development.

At Cura Hospital, our general physician takes 5 years of additional training in general surgery to qualify as a medical practitioner in the said field. We take extensive round of interviews to understand if the physician would qualify in our hospital. The Cura Hospital’s general surgery department provides surgical procedures that put focus on endocrine systems, liver, colon, gastrointestinal tract, and other major organs of the human body. Some of the most common interventions include working on the gall bladder, appendix, thyroidectomise, colonoscopy, bariatric surgery, and hernia. This department also offers proper management of the patients who suffer from diseases of the skin, breast, trauma, hernia, and soft-tissue. The department of general surgery at Cura Multispecialty Hospital provides its patients the services with the help of cutting edge surgical care. The department has specialists who deal with key-hole or minimally invasive surgery, something that helps patients in treating with different kinds of ailments in the fields of urology, gynaecology, and gastroenterology. Using advanced equipments and techniques helps towards fast recovery of patients having minimal tissue damage, absolutely minimal tissue damage, less risk of infection and minimum discomfort and pain. The general surgery experts at Cura has its expertise in providing total patient safety along with satisfaction as they are using latest surgical and diagnostic techniques.

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