Teenage Health Problems and How to Deal with Them

Teenage Health Problems and How to Deal with Them

Posted Mar 03, 2021 by Cura Hospitals

Teenage is considered to be one of the most important cross roads of life. At this stage, the children and young adults go through certain changes including physical, emotional, cognitive, social and psychological changes. Family friends, teachers, schools and environment play an important role in the life of all the teenagers. Some children deal with the changes in adolescence quite efficiently while some others being unable to cope with the changes land themselves at a tumultuous situation. In most cases it is found that the adolescent children cannot speak of their problems. They behave peculiarly and often want to hide their problems. In extreme cases, they choose some destructive steps. Hence, if the teenage health problems are not addressed at the beginning, it may take up larger shape and even spoil their entire life.

The teenage health problems are generally complex and require a comprehensive and bio- psychological approach to treat them. Research says that the problems faced by the adolescent are more of psychological, social or environmental rather than biological or physical. They suffer from stress and trauma, anxiety, tension and related health hazards. Under the stress of their inner problem, they behave peculiarly or adopt various self destructive measures that affect their overall growth and development. World Health Organization (WHO) has categorised the adolescent problems such as:

  • Depression and Suicide
  • Violent behaviour
  • Consumption of alcohol and other drugs
  • Use of Tobacco
  • HIV and other infectious disease
  • Sexual health/ infectious disease
  • Early pregnancy and Child birth
  • Malnutrition and obesity
  • Exercise and nutrition
  • Adolescent oncology
  • Teenage health problems being the most delicate issues must be dealt with much care, precaution and confidentiality. Adolescent health care includes mental health services, child protection, drug and alcohol services and sexual health services. The doctors from multi- disciplinary areas work together to address the teenage health problems. Often the teenagers require psychological and career counselling provided by the specialised doctors and nurses.

    Treatment for Teenage Health Issues at CURA, Bangalore

    To address the teenage health problems, CURA Bangalore has a wonderful set up. It is one of the best hospitals in Bangalore that offer higher quality treatment to all sorts of adolescent problems. At CURA we have an extremely proficient team of doctors comprising of Endocrinologist, Obstetrics and Gynaecologist, Urologist, Dermatologist, Nutritionist and Dietician, and Psychiatrist etc. With their skill, efficiency and knowledge they deal with their adolescent patients with extreme care and sympathy and help them to get cured soon. Our team of psychiatrists and care giving nurses are very careful about the problems faced by the teenagers. Their sympathetic approach helps the teenagers to open up and speak out their mind. With their constant support they have helped plenty of such patients to lead a normal and healthy life overcoming their teenage health problems.

    About CURA

    CURA, Bangalore has a wonderful set up to deal with all kinds of teenage health issues. Our mission and vision are to serve people with empathy and care. Our learned doctors, nurses and health care professional share our mission and are dedicated to their services. With some excellent, state of the art laboratories and Operation theatres we have emerged as one of the best hospitals in Bangalore. We never compromise with quality when it comes to offer the best treatment to the hundreds of young adults. For best treatment contact our outpatient department or make prior appointment over telephone. CURA, one of the best hospitals in Bangalore is at your service round the clock in all days of the week.

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