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Multiple Sclerosis

Multiple Sclerosis (MS) happens to be quite powerful in disabling the central nervous system involving the spinal cord and brain. In MS, myelin that is a protective sheath covering the nerve fibres gets damaged and hence, the communication between your and rest of the entire body is permanently damaged.

Some people suffering from MS, may usually lose the ability of walking independently or may even not be able to walk at all. There are also conditions where the patient will experience long term remission without feeling any symptoms.


The symptoms and signs of could be different from person to person and as the disease continues, based on the location where the nerve is affected. Often symptoms affect movement, like:

Weakness or numbness in single or both limbs, typically occurring in one side of the person’s body at a given time, or maybe the trunk and legs getting affected.

Sensation similar to electric-shock that occurs with some kinds of neck movements, categorically while one is bending the neck forward.

Tremor, unsteady gait or lacking in coordination

There may be partial or complete loss of eyesight, mostly affecting one eye at a time, most of the time accompanied with pain in moving the eyes

Individuals could also suffer from prolonged double vision, blurred vision, etc symptoms.

Patients with symptoms of multiple sclerosis may also show signs of slurred speech, fatigue, dizziness, tingling or pain in certain parts of the body, plus issues with bladder, bowel, and sexual concerns.

Disease Course

Almost 70 percent of cases with MS show a relapsing-remitting course of the disease. They experience periods where new relapses or symptoms develop over the days or even weeks and most of the time improve completely or partially. These relapses are not all, there are quiet times when the disease remission can happen and can last for even months.

Although with small increase in the temperature of the body has the power to worsen the symptoms and signs of MS temporarily, yet these aren’t called the true relapse of the disease. At least about 50% of those having relapsing-remitting multiple sclerosis, eventually show progressive symptoms, even though the remission periods may or may not be there, some 10 to 20 years from the time the disease starts in the body. The condition is called secondary-progressive multiple sclerosis. The problems of worsening symptoms usually include issues with gait and mobility. The rate at which the progression of the disease happens varies to a great extent with people suffering from secondary-progressive multiple sclerosis.


Why MS occurs is yet to be found out. It is considered one kind of autoimmune disease where the immune system of our body starts to attack its own tissues. When a person is diagnosed with MS, the immune system discrepancy destroys the myelin a protective coat that protects the spinal cord, brain and the nerve fibres. Myelin is like this protective covering, which when damaged and leaves the nerve fibre all exposed, the message transmission in those areas get slow or even blocked.

Risk factors

Though there are many risk factors that could bring about multiple sclerosis, some of the highly significant ones are:

Age: Even though it could occur for anyone at any age, the predominance is been observed between 20 and 40 years.

Sex: Women are found more vulnerable to the condition than men as the latter are found more likely to get relapsing-remitting multiple sclerosis.

Family history: This condition is hereditary. In case your parents or siblings have this condition, it could be passed down to you.


People suffering from multiple sclerosis may also suffer from spasms and multiple stiffnesses. The person could complain of paralysis in the legs, bladder issues, bowel and sexual abnormalities, mental disorders like forgetfulness followed by mood swings, depression and epilepsy.

Cura Multispecialty Hospital’s Treatment

At Cura, we have always believed in providing best cure to every individual. Our medical fraternity is not just highly competent, coming from some of the best medical colleges of India and abroad, we also have a very well mannered and compassionate medical team that understands that a patient suffering from such condition could be difficult to handle.

Apart from taking utmost care of patient safety and hygiene, they also take extreme care of the each and every patient as a family. The lab tests and the higher procedures like surgery etc. are also done with extreme care and maintaining best health parameters in mind. 

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