Hand and wrist specialists

Several issues cause pain in the hand, wrist and elbow. There are more than 37 types of bones and more than 30 types of muscles in a human hand, and there are a myriad range of treatments, experts provide. The physicians understand complex human anatomy and with the help of consultative and surgical services, which include treatment facilities. Hand and wrist specialists provide expert care for the following issues:

  1. Fractures and dislocations
  2. Carpel tunnel syndrome
  3. Tumors and growths
  4. Tendonitis
  5. Neuropathies
  6. Stress injuries
  7. Ganglion Cysts
  8. Osteoarthritis
  9. Malunion and non-union kinds of fractures
  10. Contractures and stiffness
  11. Reconstructive microsurgery
  12. Tendon transfer and reconstruction of the soft tissue
  13. Nerve lacerations and tendon lacerations
  14. Elbow/hand/shoulder reconstruction (in case of rheumatoid arthritis)
  15. Arthritic condition with extreme pain
  16. Cerebral palsy and spasticity
  17. Vasospastic disorders/vascular disorders
  18. Infectious disorders

Services and Facilities

There are orthopaedic experts who diagnose and treat several problems that are typically related to injuries in hands. Our team has disciplinary staff who are  trained at addressing tendons or problems with arthritis using both the surgical and non-surgical techniques.

The physicians who have specialized in hand and wrist injuries first diagnose and then treat several problems related with hand injuries. There are also skilled and trained staff who address arthritis or tendon problems using both surgical and non surgical methods. There are expert physicians who can understand how to treat debilitating plus painful conditions of the hand using localized injections, splinting, hand massage, and several other types of therapies.

In case surgery is asked by the consulting physicians, the surgeons would use extremely advanced methods of microscopic surgery to make sure there is precise bone reconstruction, around the nerves of the patient’s wrist, soft tissues, fingers, and hands. Wrist arthroscopy gets used in case of evaluation plus treatment of the damaged and torn, strain injury and fractures plus damaged ligaments. The procedure also gets adopted for examining joint damage that’s caused due to arthritis. The final goal of any physician is to ensure that the patient experiences a pain-free kind plus functionality treatment.

Rehabilitation care is one of our primary focuses. At the rehabilitation stage, we look to provide protection to the portion of the hand that is getting treated. This is given throughout the process of recovery so that healing is promoted. This could involve use of splint or other equipment so that the hand or wrist is protected. Post surgical care focuses on how to bring back the strength, overall function and agility of the injured portions at a gradual pace. Patients are taken through the sessions of therapy and exercise, along with providing consultations on patient’s work habits – like what kinds of tasks and equipment patient handles is also discussed in details. Certain other factors like neurological disorders, injuries, leading to stroke may impact normal functioning of the individual making compromises on their hands and impair control and movement.

Cura Hospital’s hands and wrist physicians

Cura Multispecialty Hospital has a department of hand and wrist surgery where some of the most reliable and authentic hand surgeons who have been certified in specialized and orthopaedic hand surgery. The specializations could vary from the diagnosis and treatments then also rehabilitation of injuries and disorders of the elbow, wrists, hand and forearm.

At our hospital’s bone, joints, and muscles unit, we have specialized hand and wrist surgeons. These physicians have taken a lifelong vow of providing the best of treatment to any and every form of hand-related damages and injuries. We administer medicine according to primary care and post surgical procedures as well. 

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