Gout can be accounted as a type of arthritis that causes a lot of pain eventually leading to swelling in joints, generally as flares lasting for a week or fortnight, and eventually leave. Inflammation or pain in the gout usually begins in the lower limb or big toe.

When there is high amount of serum urate building up in the body, it causes gout. When gout happens, there is formation of needle-shaped crystals in and around joint parts. This usually leads to inflammation of the joints eventually of joints. However, those with high amount of serum urate won’t develop tendency of gout.

If diagnosed early, treated on time, and changes in lifestyle, gout is one form of arthritis that can be controlled. As it is the deposit of uric acid in blood levels that causes the inflammation in and around the joints, eventually leading to gout, by controlling the uric acid levels, gout too can be controlled.

Salient things that you need to know about gout:

Accumulation of uric acid can eventually cause severe pain in the tissue and joint and lead to inflammation.

Physicians usually remove fluid from the joints and identify for uric acid to confirm if it is arthritis of gout.

Drugs are usually administered to bring down the inflammation plus the pain that comes from burning feeling. There are several kinds of drugs taken to bring down the uric acid from blood levels and prevents flares from recurring.

Gout is found more in men than that of women. Generally, gout emerges when men are in their middle age and after women have got their menopause. Gout is very uncommon and rare in younger generation yet usually quite severe in people who find these symptoms coming in before 30 years of age.

People with high metabolic syndrome usually find high levels of uric acid in their blood. This syndrome comes with large waist, as there is excess of abdominal fat, high blood pressure, insulin resistance, high levels of blood sugar, and huge levels of cholesterol plus several other fats in blood.

People suffering with gout usually also complain of metabolic syndrome and coronary disease of artery.


Uric acid happens to be a by-product when you breakdown the nucleic acids like ribonucleic acid (RNA) and the deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) in human cells. It is found in trace amounts in the blood cells as the blood continuously new cells. Moreover, blood can readily transform substances in our foods termed as purines to uric acid. These purines are building blocks for DNA and RNA. Uric acid gets washed from blood primarily through kidneys and our gastrointestinal system.

Often times, the level of uric acid in blood rises to abnormally high levels when the kidneys are not able to remove enough uric acid from our urinary bladder. This condition is usually determined through the genes of a patient. When too much of uric acid accumulates in the blood, it can result in the formation of crystals, which can be deposited in the joints. Conditions that can prevent the kidney from eliminating uric acid are also some drugs, types of diseases in kidneys, and lead poisoning.

Cura Multispecialty Hospital’s treatment:

Not only does the Cura’s expert team of doctors, nurses and assistants provide the best cure for gout, it also provides best preventive measures to the family of the patient, as it runs down in the family. Apart from best treatment, healthy diet plan, the hospital also provides post recovery consultancy and guidance so that the patient is cured to the best extent possible.

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