Foot and Ankle injuries

A pain in the feet area or ankles is common for most of the people – both men and women. This bone helps human beings stand straight and balance. It happens to be one of the maximum complex and hard working regions of our body. In most instances foot pain or ankle pain is due to injuries or sprains and strains around the soft tissues around the ankle. The pain or injury could gradually heal by some simple self-care procedures. Though some could take a few months for complete recovery, most cases don’t require treatment from the healthcare professionals.

For those pain that gets worse and shows no sign of improvement, or even lasts more than a couple of months may be due to structural changes within the ankle or foot, or even an underlying condition.

The condition of long term pain in the foot or ankle maybe due to footwear that do not fit well, osteoarthritis, inflammatory arthritis, diseases in connective tissues, poor circulation of blood, or even damage of the nerves. The ankle is one part of the body that gets frequently injured.

Causes behind ankle injuries:

The most predominant ankle disorders are due to jumping, running, and overuse of the ankle. Some of the other common causes of ankle fractures and sprains are rotating or twisting of the ankle beyond that of normal motion or range.

Other types of injuries that could lead to Achilles tendonitis or tendonitis in the ankle are due to lack in conditioning of the muscles in the leg or foot. Another factor could be excess of strain in Achilles tendon that tendon connecting your heel to calf muscles. It could also be due to bone spurs inside the heel that keeps rubbing continuously on Achilles tendon. Another predominant factor is flat feet that leads to additional stress on the posterior of the tibial tendon.

Different kinds of arthritis may also affect the ankle and foot. For instance, osteoarthritis is one degenerative type that usually begins at your middle age and gradually progresses. Over the time, the cartilage between the bones wears down. This ends up in stiffness and pain in the joints. Also, rheumatoid arthritis is one auto-inflammatory disease that occurs when the body of a human being mistakenly attacks the healthy tissues inside by itself. RA or rheumatoid arthritis affects your bone joints and thereby destroys the cartilage.

There is another condition causing foot and ankle pain. Post-traumatic arthritis happens when you get injured on your ankle or foot. Stress from this injury could make your joints get inflamed or stiff, even when the injury has happen years before. The cartilage that covers the end of the bones would get diminished.

Treatment of foot or ankle:

Almost all cases of foot or ankle pain can be cured through self care. However, the patient may need to take extra care towards protecting the injured place for months, until such time it has healed. The steps involved in self care are paracetamol tablets or pain relievers and the for step RICE therapy that is rest, ice on the injury and elevation of the foot.

Cura Hospital’s foot and ankle injury care:

However, in case of severe pain, you would need to consult a physician or orthopaedist in that case. Cura hospital’s expert orthopaedic department for bone, joints and muscle takes care of every serious orthopaedic condition. For foot and ankle injury, the consulting physicians would ask you to take some tests like X-ray and then detail out the therapy that is required. Consult our physicians for the treatment and the post treatment care that can ease your pain to a considerable degree.

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