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Dermographic Urticaria or Urticaria Facititial

Urticaria is a psychosomatic disease that involves both mind and the body. Psychological disorders like anxiety, stress, depression are more significant in patients with chronic urticaria. It has been reported that 29% of the 100 patients with chronic urticaria have psychological disorders. Dermographism refers to ‘writing on the skin’. The dermatographic urticaria may form wheals after itching and scratching the skin. Demographic Urticaria is not at all life-threatening.

Symptoms of Dermographic Urticaria

Symptoms may occur by heat, exercise, stress, tension. Wheals may develop by scratching the skin and may clear within half an hour. In rare cases, dermatographic urticaria may develop slowly but can last up to several months.

symptoms of urticaria may include

  • Stress
  • Inflammation
  • Red wheals
  • Swelling
  • Deep wounds
  • Marks on the skin that looks like writings.

Causes of Dermographic Urticaria

No distinct allergen is identified that causes dermographic urticaria. The reason is unknown. It is common in young adults.

  • Dermatographic urticaria may cause due to pressure or cold.
  • It can be associated with the thyroid and auto-immune disease and also.
  • Dermatographic urticaria involves allergic infection related to penicillin.
  • The swelling of the skin is also caused due to the release of histamine.
  • Infection from microbes and harmful pathogens may cause the condition
  • The genetic factor is also involved in the disease.
  • Previous history of dermatitis
  • Suffering from disorders of the nerve may also cause itchy skin.
  • Frequent scratches on the skin.

Forms of Dermographic Urticaria

 The dermographic urticaria has different forms:

Red Dermographism: this occurs due to rubbing of the skin. The wheal is more intense and prominent in red dermographism. This may also be combined with seborrheic dermatitis.

Delayed Dermographism: it generates a dark red line with a soft swelling wheal. It takes 3 to 8 hours to show the dermographic response. This form is related to pressure urticaria.

Cholinergic Dermographism: it produces a ring of large erythema and is spotted with small wheal.

Familial Dermographism: the dermographism is inherited in an autosomal pattern.

Diagnosis of Dermographic Urticaria

Doctors draw or write on the skin with a tongue depressor to check whether any red swollen lines or a weal may appear or not.

Treatment of Dermographic Urticaria

The lines and wheal may resolve on their own. As it is not life-threatening and contagious usually the treatment for dermographic urticaria is not necessary. But if the irritation of the skin becomes problematic doctors may prescribe you an antihistamine to prevent the histamine secretion. The medications include:

  • Fexofenadine
  • Diphenhydramine
  • Cetirizine
  • Loratadine

There are natural remedies that may help in dermatographic urticaria that includes:

  • Oatmeal
  • Tea-tree oil
  • Aloe vera

Stress Management

Stress management may help in dermographic infections. Regular exercise boosts the mind and reduces stress. Relaxation of mind and body is effective and may work as a therapy to the skin. Lifestyle management plays a good role in controlling psychological disorders.

Prevention of Dermatographic Urticaria

  • To avoid harsh soap applying directly on the skin
  • To avoid hot shower bath, this may worsen the symptoms
  • Avoid clothing materials made up of wool.
  • Avoid scratching the skin. Scratching may develop the infection.
  • Allergy tends to make the skin dry. Use lotion to moisturize the skin.

Cura Multispeciality Hospital’s Department of  Allergy and Immune system

Histamines that release from the mast cell and the presence of an allergen in substances like pollen, grasses, dust cause allergy. The itchy, swollen infections become bothersome. Though many of them are non-contagious and no life-threatening risks. Some allergies may cause severe conditions to the patients and can low the oxygen level in the blood. We at Cura hospital provide the best clinically equipped facilities for wellness. We have qualified physicians and medical staff for assistance and coordination.

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