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Even though we call them simply doctors or physicians, what we forget to see is – there are different departments of expertise that the fraternity of medicine comes with. In fact, the medical facility comes with some hundred odd specialties and subspecialties. It is not possible to site all the facilities or specialties in a medical facility in a page, while some of the most important and common faculties are mentioned here.


A very significant department within surgery is of the anaesthesiologists. These doctors work on numbing your body and easing your pain during and post surgery. Any type of surgical procedure is taken care of by the surgeon and his/her team, while the anaesthesiologist is the previous and ongoing point of communication for surgery. The physician here will monitor your vital signs to check if you are senseless and painless during surgery.


It is very essential to keep our immune system in order all the time. Once the immunity is taken for a toss, the entire system of our body ceases to function. The work of an immunologist is to treat disorders in immune functions and keep them balanced. Common ailments like asthma, allergies- eczema, food related, from insect bite, and also some of the autoimmune diseases are cured by the immunologists.


An extremely vital function of the body is the heart. The heart pumps pure blood to the body after collecting all the impurities from the body and cleaning it inside this valve. The cardiologists are experts in understanding the heart and its vessels and work towards smooth function of these parts of the body well. For all kinds of irregularities concerning the heart, palpitation, irregular heartbeats, blood pressure, cholesterol, heart attack or failure- a cardiologist is the point of contact for you.

Surgeons for Colon and Rectal Regions

Every part of the human body is vital. We eat because we feel hungry and our body wants nourishment. However, the food taken in also needs to be taken out. While the body extracts all the nutrients from the food, what is left as roughage comes out of our colon and rectum. The small intestine, large intestine, colon, and rectum are the passages inside our body from where the food that is roughage comes out. Any kind of malfunction in these organs can lead to different kinds of illnesses like colon cancer, intestinal cancer, bowel syndromes, haemorrhoids, infection of the rectum, etc. The work of a rectal or colon surgeon is to cure these diseases and help the patient have normal digestive and bowel functions.

Medical Team Catering to ICU or Critical Care

Instances of serious illness or critical conditions either because of the surgery or accidents often are taken to the intensive care unit or ICU. In case an individual is seriously ill due to an accident or other kind of illness, usually he/she is admitted to intensive care unit or ICU. Medical staffs need to be specialized to handle such critical functions and working in the ICU.


All your problems related to nails, hair, skin like allergies, rashes, moles, acne, scar, or other types of skin allergies are taken care of by the dermatologists. The present day environmental conditions force us to take extreme care of our skin. Environmental disasters like the ozone depletion due to the emission of chemicals like Choloflouro Carbon has brought in serious illness like skin cancer. It is the task of a dermatologist to cure patients with such kinds of ailments.


Our hormones decide our behavioural patterns. The extreme mood swings that we experience are all because of the hormones present in our body. There are other body functions like metabolism that affect our health. An endocrinologist is expert in metabolism and hormones. They are experts in curing diabetes, infertility, disorder of the bone and calcium, infertility, etc.

Emergency care

The task of these doctors is to make critical life-death decisions for the injured and the sick. The condition these patients are usually critical. The emergency care staffs save lives of these patients. Their task is to lower the chances of getting disabled.

Family Physicians

For all general ailments and regular health check up, these physicians work best. The general physicians study the special faculty of general medical practice and provide cure to the entire family’s mild and common illnesses like flu, diarrhoea, small injuries, etc. They conduct routine screening tests and checkups, provide immunization shots, etc.


These doctors are specialists in handling digestive functions like stomach issues, bowel syndromes, issues with liver, gallbladder, liver, etc. You need to visit them for any sort of ulcers, diarrhoea, cancer in the digestive tracts, jaundice, liver, pancreas, and abdominal issues.


Geriatrics is the department where elderly patients and look to treat their general plus special health conditions.

There are several other faculties within the medical facility like the haematologists- taking care of blood, lymphatic system, spleen, etc. palliative and hospice medicine- working with people who are nearing death, infectious disease specialists- working on fever, pneumonia, HIV, and AIDS, geneticists- working on genes, and a host of other facilties.

Each department within our medical fraternity specialises in each of the special requirements. We look after the ailing and sick within our capacity to create an overall compatible solution for one and all. Our doctors are trained from some of the best universities of India and abroad. We strictly maintain the confidentiality of our patients and their medical records.

The health and hygiene of each and every department are primary concern for us. We understand that not just providing our doctors in best of facilities is enough, we also need to provide good working condition for our health staffs and administrative facilities.

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