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General Medicine

General medicine is that medical specialty which deals with the prevention, followed by diagnosis, and then treatment of the internal illnesses. Those physicians who specialize in general medicine are called internists. They are skilled in managing patients with undifferentiated or diseases in various parts of the body. General physicians mostly care for hospitalized and patients brought in ambulance proving primary care before handing them over to the specialists.

General physicians get trained in general medicine and non-surgical care for adults. They take care of difficult, unusual or serious medical issues and continue seeing the patient till the patient’s health is stabilised or cured.

There are general physicians who work at their consulting centres and also in hospitals. The roles of general physicians are to take care of the problems which are difficult but general in nature.

Global care: Whenever there is a patient referred to a general physician, the physician looks into the case and provides diagnostic guidance followed by the kind of treatment that would be needed.

General physicians are often specially trained to take care of patients who visit with complex illnesses, where diagnosis may be difficult. The broad training given to the general physician enables him/her to diagnose and treat the patient’s different organs and the problems in them. They are also imparted trainings to deal with the psychological and social impact that falls on the disease.

General physicians get training to carry out various kinds of medical procedures to diagnose and manage patients with complex and severe illnesses. General physicians receive special training in the usefulness, costs and limitations of most of the diagnostic tests. They carefully diagnose issues and cases of complicacy refer to the special required departments.

Training that general physicians receive enables them in critical analysis of the research reports along with understanding what claims drug industry makes about new treatments. They understand about all the complex treatments with medications depending upon the multiple kinds of treatments a patient may need. Cura Hospital’s general physician understands what special decisions about treatment need to be made to help patients having serious and complex illnesses.

Assessment before and after surgery: At Cura Hospital, general physicians are most often asked to review their patients before conducting surgery. They also advice the surgeons about the patient’s risk status and can also recommend the surgeons the right kind of management so that the risk of surgery can be minimised. They can also provide assistance in postoperative care along with ongoing medical complications and problems.

The specialty of a general physician

The general physicians are trained with special medical skills and knowledge that distinguishes them from other medical specialists and practitioners. The general physicians are imparted comprehensive and rigorous training programs that enables them to:

  1. Broadly educate so that they could deal with entire gamut of medical issues of the patients
  2. Thorough logical and scientific approach in providing diagnosis that is of high status
  3. Remain capable of accessing and picking drugs and other therapies in medicine wisely so that diseases could be prevented and easily treatable to cure people wholly and not just some organs of the body
  4. Highly skilled in taking clinical decisions and using health care resources in cost effective manner

Cura Hospital’s highly skilled general physicians are trained to cure the entire physiology of a patient. These general physicians come from some of the best medical colleges and universities of India and abroad. Some of them are resident physicians of the hospital, while some are consultants who pay special visit. The system of patient checking and administering medicines pus special consultations are extremely planned and well maintained. We at Cura Multispecialty Hospital take all measures to keep the premises spic and span and always look after our patients with extreme care.

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Namaste, I am Carol, your health assistant from Cura Hospitals, to answer your queries
Hello 👋🏻
Namaste, I am Carol, your health assistant from Cura Hospitals, to answer your queries
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